Rockfall Protection

Rockfall is an inherent hazard of mountainous terrains, which jeopardizes life and property and threatens the smooth operations of traffic lines especially during monsoons.

We offer three systems of Rockfall protection which can be tailor made to suit the site conditions:
Galvanized Steel Wire Ropenet (GSWR)
GSWR along with Chain Link Mesh / Hexagonal Double Twisted Wire Mesh
Low Energy Rockfall Barriers

  • Galvanized Steel Wire Ropenet (GSWR) is a patented system jointly developed by Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. and Konkan Railway Corporation Limited.
  • GSWR is made of high strength galvanized steel wire ropes having minimum breaking strength of 4.5 t.
  • The aperture size of GSWR can be varied from 300 mm to 600 mm with tensile strength of ropenet varying from 6.7 t to 12.5 t.


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