Braided Bottom Trawling (HDPE Braided Nets)
SNG nets have brought about a paradigm shift in trawl net segment. While it scores over Sapphire on Breaking strength and abrasion resistance-the fishermen also like its superior compactness that enhances trawl life and reduces fuel bill.
High performance Sapphire netting is the answer to the global fishing community's crying need for long lasting nets and lower operating costs. With its High Knot Breaking strength and Excellent Abrasion Polyester Stiff Nets Resistance, Sapphire netting is designed to reduce towing resistance which, in turn, lowers fuel consumption and increases efficiency.
Olivene is the world's first compact trawl netting acquired by Garware from INT, UK.
Ruby is the latest compact range that offer downsizing over SNG to save fuel bill while retaining compactness and abrasion resistance similar to SNG.
Standard Braided HDPE nets are used by customers for economical usage in Trawling.
Manufactured from high tenacity nylon yarns, these nets for applications other than Pelagic are supplied with different treatment for long life.
Made from UHMPE yarn, these plateena braided nettings are best suited for Shrimp fishing to bring maximum benefits in each voyage.
These Stiff Polyester braided nets are specially treated for BEAM Trawling due to its low elasticity.
Maxima 3 strand ropes are produced from blended polymers with special lay for low weight and high strength.
Manufactured from PP Parapro Tape/ PP monofilament with excellent strength.
X2 is a new generation rope with higher life and strength over conventional PP and Maxima (Danline/Polysteel equivalent) ropes. It is available in both 3 and 4 strands.
Available in 3 strands/4 strands, theseropes are made of high density polyethylene.
Manufactured from UHMPE yarn, the 12 Carrier Plateena Ropes have very high breaking strength to weight ratio. The Ropes are pre-stretched to give controlled and uniform elongation in usage which is required in Trawling industry.
Orca ropes are plateena ropes jacketed with Polyester for better protection and abrasion.
These are Polyethylene hollow (coreless) braided ropes.
These 1 Strand Ropes are attached to bottom panel of codend for protection from wear and tear.