Geosynthetic Lining

Geosynthetic lining systems consist of either geomembrane or a combination of other geosynthetics like geosynthetic
clay liner, which will arrest / prevent seepage & prevent contamination of aquifers.


A. Hydraulic structures
Power channels
Industrial reservoirs

B. Landfill / waste containment structures
Hazardous waste landfills
High volume waste disposal facilities (ashdykes, red mud pond, gypsum disposal sites)
Municipal solid waste landfills
Landfill capping

C. Industrial linings 
Effluent pond/ waste water ponds
Waste pits
Sludge disposal pits
Oil tank pads


  • Geomembrane eliminates the water loss through seepage.
  • Geomembrane is highly flexible to withstand stresses due to any differential settlements, thermal stresses, high hydraulic pressures, etc.
  • Improves canal hydraulics, equity and reliability of water distribution
  • In canals, it reduces water logging and salining of the adjoining land.
  • Geosynthetics like geosynthetic clay liner can replace the clay materials.
  • Geocomposite net acts as suitable replacement for sand / gravel as drainage medium.
  • Geosynthetic liner system arrests the seepage of contaminated / hazardous leachate from the waste facilities.
  • Installation of geosynthetic lining is simple and easy.