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    Corporate Social Responsibility

The legacy of giving back to society was inherited from our founder, the late Padma Bhushan Dr.Abasaheb Garware.

A visionary philanthropist, he was awarded India’s third-highest civilian honour Padmabhushan for his contribution to Indian industry and society. He extended generous support to a number of educational institutes, hospitals, charities and trusts. Following in his footsteps, our former chairman, the late Mr. Ramesh Garware too imbibed this admirable trait. His philanthropic traits and passion for giving back to the society reflected in his active and enthusiastic involvement in various social initiatives. Mr. Vayu Garware, current Chairman & Managing Director, has continued this tradition and extends unstinted support for various social causes and pursues newer avenues to broaden the sphere of activities.


Realising the need for quality and equitable education for better development and creation of a balanced society, Garware has set up schools and aided in improving the educational infrastructure in rural areas.

For advancing our customers children’s education

  • school-icon

    Infrastructure development at schools attended by our fishermen’s children.

  • scholarship-icon

    Merit Scholarships for higher studies.

  • counselling-icon

    Free Student counselling.

“Happy School” initiative wherein in rural areas

  • elearning-icon E-Learning
  • elearning-icon Water purification systems
  • wash-your-hands-icon Hand wash units
  • bench-icon Benches
  • laboratory-icon Science and computer laboratory equipment
  • library-icon Library and faculty rooms
  • public-toilet-icon Segregated sanitation facilities for boys and girls
  • bicycle-icon Cycles for girl children

HealthcareHealth Care

A healthy community is fundamental to social and economic development. Garware’s focus is on enabling access to basic healthcare and augmenting facilities at hospitals.

  • Health-Checkup
    Health Check-up

    Free health check-up and medicines

  • Eye-Checkup
    Eye Check-up

    Eye check-up camps and free donation of spectacles

  • Dialysis
    Dialysis Machines

    Donation and installation of Dialysis machines

  • CCU
    CCU Units

    Set up of Cardiac Care Units (CCU)

Social WelfareSocial Welfare

Building strong bonding with society has always been core to Garware. Towards this, many activities are driven around the year wherein large participation is seen.

  • Tree Plantation
    Tree Plantation

    Green environment (Tree plantation & watering)

  • Free Distribution
    Free Distribution

    Free distribution of Umbrellas / Raincoats / Caps / School bags / Tiffin boxes / Note books etc.

  • Children Camps
    Children Camps

    Children summer/winter camps