Garfil STR netting is the preferred choice for Indian fishermen, providing long-lasting nets and reduced operating costs. With its high knot breaking strength, Garfil STR netting is versatile and suitable for a wide range of fishing applications, including fishing trawls, dol nets, HDPE gill nets, and selvedge for purse seine nets.

Our netting provides uniformity and dimensional stability, resulting in long-lasting fishing gear that can withstand the rigors of the fishing industry. With improved fish catch, Garfil STR netting is the go-to solution for fishermen looking for reliability and durability in their fishing gear.
Introducing Garfil RUNNER - the ultimate solution for energy-efficient and lightweight netting needs. Our netting is specially designed for the belly portion of pelagic or mid-water trawls, providing exceptional performance and efficiency.

Designed to optimize the opening of trawls, our netting enables high speed and efficient fishing, allowing fishing vessels to cover more ground and catch more fish. This results in increased productivity and profitability.

Our Garfil RUNNER is available in a vibrant yellow color, making it easy to identify and a great addition to your fishing gear. Lightweight and easy to handle, our netting is the perfect choice for fishers looking to optimize their fishing operations.

Experience the power of energy-efficient and lightweight netting with Garfil RUNNER. Designed to meet the unique needs of pelagic or mid-water trawls, our netting is the perfect solution for those looking to increase their catch and improve their fishing efficiency. Invest in Garfil RUNNER today and take your fishing to the next level.
Introducing Garfil NEST - the latest and most advanced ready-to-use cod end for trawling applications. Our cod end features knotless netting, uniform mesh size, and is light in weight, making it the perfect choice for fishers looking to improve their fishing efficiency.

Our innovative cod end is the first of its kind, engineered to provide unmatched durability, strength and reliability. Featuring smooth inner surfaces that protect the quality of the fish and ensure maximum catch rates, our cod end is the perfect solution for fishers looking to optimize their fishing operations.

Garfil NEST is designed with energy efficiency in mind, making it the ideal choice for fishers looking to reduce their energy consumption and lower their operating costs. Our advanced knotless netting and uniform mesh size ensure that every catch is of the highest quality, helping you to maintain your reputation as a top-quality fisher.
These are conventional, economic ropes solutions for ranges of application in fishing (Trawling, Gill netting, Purse seine and Dol netting). These ropes uniform dia, better runnages make it a preferred choice for majority of fishermen.
Lead Bead Ropes are specifically designed for use as footropes in stationary fishing applications such as Dol net fishing and Gill net fishing. These ropes offer several advantages, including uniform sinking, uniform diameter, better abrasion resistance, improved breaking strength, ease of handling, and no kinking of ropes. With a better weight to strength ratio, these ropes improve fish catch and are long-lasting. Choose Lead Bead Ropes for your fishing needs and experience improved performance and durability.