Garfil STR netting is first choice of Indian fishermen and the answer to the Domestic fishing community's crying need for long lasting nets and lower operating costs. With its High Knot Breaking strength, Garfil STR netting is considered as all-rounder fishing nets for all the Gill Netting application.
Energy efficient & light weight netting, specially designed for belly portion of pelagic or mid water trawls. The nettings helps in better opening of trawls and getting high speed, so fishing vessels covers additional fishing ground to fetch more fish catches.
Specially designed for Gill Netting application. These are light weight gill netting which makes it easy to handle while shooting and hauling of gill nets. These are designed for shallow water gill net applications to targets mainly Seer fishes and croackers.
These are conventional, economic ropes solutions for ranges of application in fishing (Trawling, Gill netting, Purse seine and Dol netting). These ropes uniform dia, better runnages make it a preferred choice for majority of fishermen.