Highways and Railways

Avalanche Barrier systems are designed on a site-to-site basis to protect infrastructure, buildings, forestation, and lives from avalanches. Snow nets, steel snow barriers and snow catchment fences are installed in the different zones to prevent avalanches from forming and propagating further to cause any damage. These engineered protection measures effectively reduce the run-out length of an avalanche which can be installed in the avalanche initiation zone or avalanche track to reduce the probability of larger avalanches starting and threatening human lives and nearby infrastructure.
Garware's GWF PP series of woven geotextiles are made of high-quality polypropylene multifilament yarns woven together to form a strong and stable fabric structure. These geotextiles possess excellent mechanical and hydraulic properties, making them ideal for use in a wide range of civil engineering applications. Whether you need to stabilize soil, protect against erosion, or provide structural reinforcement for load support and earth retention, GWF PP series geotextiles are the perfect solution.
Garmat TRM-350 is a three-dimensional and/or stitch-bonded polypropylene geosynthetic with X3 Fiber Technology that provides effective, long-term erosion protection for highways and railways. Its unique design reinforces roots and stems, promoting vegetation growth, which has been recognized by the EPA as the most effective form of erosion control.
Rockfall Barriers are a highly effective solution to prevent and mitigate rockfall hazards. This system consists of main nets manufactured with high tensile steel, with a minimum strength of 1770 MPa, and can include a secondary mesh with tested high tensile capacity of up to 675 kJ/m2 if required. These barriers have a remarkable ability to withstand dynamic energy ranging from 100 to 5000 kJ, ensuring optimal protection against rockfall events. Additionally, Rockfall Barriers are certified by EAD (European Assessment Document), which is the European Union's official technical assessment body, formerly known as ETAG.
The Garware Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Net (GSWR) combined with hexagonal double twisted wire mesh is an effective system designed for stabilizing slopes and controlling soil erosion where the sizes of boulders range from small to large rocks. The hexagonal double twisted wire mesh is positioned beneath the GSWR and connected to it, forming a reliable barrier. The GSWR consists of high-strength galvanized steel wire ropes arranged vertically and horizontally, with metal bolted clamps at their intersections. The upper hang portion of the net has only vertical chords for anchorage, while the lower net portion has both vertical and horizontal chords. This system provides superior reinforcement and stability to slopes and embankments, protecting highways, railways, and other infrastructure from erosion and landslides.
Garware's Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Net (GSWR) for highways and railways is a high-strength geosynthetic made of galvanized steel wire ropes in both vertical and horizontal directions. The intersections of the vertical and horizontal chords are secured with metal bolted clamps, ensuring stability and durability. The GSWR comprises an upper hang portion with only vertical chords for anchorage and a lower net portion with both vertical and horizontal chords, providing a robust solution for erosion control and slope stabilization in demanding environments.
Garware TRM-450 is a top-performing Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) designed for highways and railways. It boasts X3 technology, which incorporates a dense web of crimped, interlocking, multi-lobed polypropylene fibers sandwiched between two biaxially oriented nets, all mechanically bound together by parallel stitching with polypropylene thread. This advanced construction provides excellent erosion control and soil stabilization for high-traffic areas, making it an ideal solution for transportation infrastructure projects. The TRM-450 is durable and easy to install, ensuring long-lasting performance and reducing maintenance costs.
The Garmat Supreme Rolled erosion control product (RECP) is a specially designed mat that helps to prevent soil erosion. It is made using high-quality materials such as long-term double net and 100% coconut fibre blanket, ensuring a functional lifespan of up to 36 months.

The mat has a consistent thickness, and the coconut fibre is evenly distributed over the entire area of the mat, ensuring effective erosion control. It also features a thin yet robust photodegradable polypropylene netting on the top and bottom sides, with suitable mesh opening and ultraviolet additives that help to delay degradation.

To ensure maximum durability, the mat is sewn together at 5cm centres using degradable polypropylene thread. The Garmat Supreme Rolled erosion control product is an effective solution for soil erosion control, ensuring long-term protection and stability for your soil.
Garware Woven Polyester multifilament Geotextiles, GWF PET series, are manufactured by interlacing individual polyester multifilament yarns into a stable fabric structure. These geotextiles have excellent mechanical and hydraulic properties, making them ideal for use in various geotechnical and civil engineering applications. The high-strength and puncture-resistant woven structure of GWF PET series geotextiles provides effective soil reinforcement and separation, ensuring reliable performance over the long term.