X18 is a specially developed twine with a mix of various synthetic fibers that not only provides high level of stiffness but also enhanced cut resistance. X18 netting makes it hard for Predators to "Chew" and bite on the nets because of stiff mesh.
Sapphire Ultraguard is a recyclable, stiff netting with better cut resistance and abrasion resistance as compared to nets with SS wire in the core. The stiff netting helps better water exchange and reduction in drag force.
One of its kind HDPE nets with built-in antifouling technology. V2 net is prepared from V2 composite fibres and is one of the first sustainable antifouling technologies with highly reduced copper emissions as compared to antifouled painted nets. V2 Technology can reduce up to 50% cleaning costs as compared to conventional non-antifouled nets, thus ensuring better fish health.
Traditionally Nylon nets have been used in the fish farming industry since its inception. Over the last decade, HDPE nets have proven to be one of the best solutions for aquaculture farming due to its properties. However, HDPE nets, unlike Nylon nets, are unable to pick up antifouling paint due to its hydrophobic nature. Garware team has developed a V4 treatment (patent pending), that allows HDPE nets to be painted with antifouling coatings.
The marine grade SS wire in the core increases the cut resistance but does not harm the fishes.