SAPPHIRE CFR Nets is a braided netting. It is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with copolymers which provide superior protection against predators. The composite copolymers in the core provide form uniformity and enhanced strength to the netting with reduced weight.
Introducing V2 Technology - the sustainable and innovative solution to combat fouling in aquaculture. Our HDPE nets are infused with built-in antifouling technology, made from V2 composite fibers, resulting in highly reduced copper emissions as compared to antifouled painted nets. With V2 Technology, cleaning costs can be reduced up to 50% compared to conventional non-antifouled nets, promoting better fish health and positive environmental impact. Experience delayed fouling and long-lasting performance with V2 Technology.
Introducing Sapphire X18, a specially developed twine that offers superior stiffness and enhanced cut resistance for aquaculture nets. The netting is designed to deter predators from biting or chewing on the nets due to its stiff mesh structure. This feature reduces fish stress and helps to protect your aquaculture investment.

The high cut resistance of X18 provides enhanced protection compared to nets with SS wire in the core, making it an ideal choice for aquaculture operations in regions with high predator pressure. The stiff netting also offers better in-situ cleaning and has high abrasion resistance for longer service life.

Invest in Sapphire X18 netting and enjoy superior protection for your grow-out or smolt cage.
Sapphire Ultraguard is an advanced netting solution that offers superior protection against predators in fish farming. Unlike traditional nets with SS wire in the core, Sapphire Ultraguard is made of recyclable, stiff netting material that offers better cut resistance and abrasion resistance. This innovative netting design allows for better water exchange and reduced drag force, enhancing the overall performance of the net. Additionally, the netting's sinking behavior and in-situ cleaning capabilities make it a highly practical and efficient solution for aquaculture operations. Choose Sapphire Ultraguard for a reliable and sustainable netting solution that protects your fish and your investment.
Introducing V4 Technology - the innovative solution for fish farming using HDPE nets. For years, Nylon nets were the industry standard, but HDPE nets have proven to be a superior option due to their unique properties. However, their hydrophobic nature made it difficult to apply antifouling paint, until now. Our team at Garware Fibres has developed a V4 treatment (patent pending) that enables HDPE nets to be painted with antifouling coatings, making them an environmentally friendly option for fish farming. With improved antifouling capabilities and chemical inertness, V4 Technology is the future of sustainable aquaculture.
Introducing SAPPHIRE ULTRACORE MBX, the ultimate solution for protecting your fish from predators. This braided netting is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and copolymers, providing unmatched durability and strength. The marine grade SS wire at the core of the braided netting ensures that your fish are safe and secure, without being harmed. The netting is also hydrophobic, preventing water from entering the fibres and ensuring long-lasting protection. Available in Scotland, Chile, Canada, Australia, and Africa.