Water Tank/Bio Flock

Garware Fibres' Bio-Floc water tank covers have many features, including being 100% waterproof, highly UV-resistant, wind-stable, and resistant to high winds and tears. Additionally, they are easily repairable and have high abrasion resistance. With a wide range of colors and customized sizes available, these products are sure to meet any need. They are also dustproof, making them ideal for protecting your water storage from dirt and debris.

Garware's water tank covers and bio-floc products are specifically designed for applications in water tanks and bio-ponds. They are made from high-grade PVC materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. These products come in blue, black, and other multiple colors, providing you with the option to choose a color that fits your specific needs. These products can be tailored to fit any size, providing you with customized solutions for your water storage needs.

Overall, Garware's water tank covers and bio-floc products are the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their water storage clean and free from algae formation. With high tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and a wide range of colors and sizes, these products are a reliable and cost-effective solution for all your water storage needs.