Sports Nets Applications
We manufacture tennis nets to provide high quality performance and our nets are used at major international tournaments, matches and for regular practice.
The product meets international standards with high quality accessories provided for good maintenance easy handling and service. Our nets are available in twisted and braided varieties with square mesh and regulation size.
We have wide range of nets made in HDPE, Polypropylene Multifilament (PPMF) and Nylon in twisted, braided and Knotless types. Our Box type nets, Flat Runback nets, Full Size Goal Nets, 7A Side and 5A side mini nets have been well accepted in the market. We offer premium quality Hexagonal nets in Checkered pattern and bicolour striped for different clubs. GTFL can offer soccer nets conforming to British Standards BSEN748-2013 and BSEN8462-2005. Our soccer nets are available in the standard colours of white, green and orange (single coloured, bicolour or checkered). Depending on the requirement, we can supply other colours as well.
GTFL offers Baseball Batting Cages for indoor and outdoor use. We provide a complete ready to assemble cage making it perfect for hardball or softball players, teams or schools. Our batting cages are available in HDPE as well as High Strength Nylon.
We offer durable baseball practice screens. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It will be useful for teams, players as well as schools.
GTFL produces the cricket practice nets fabricated using superior quality materials. Our cricket practice nets are being used in major clubs, schools and universities. With high strength and durability, the nets have been widely accepted in the market.
GTFL offers high quality volleyball nets manufactured in accordance with international standards. They are being used in tournaments as well as for leisure.
GTFL offers a range of long lasting handball nets made from the most durable twines. Our handball nets are ideally suited for professionals making it a suitable choice for major tournaments.
We provide superior quality golf practice nets that can turn your backyard into your own driving range. It is strong enough to stop the golf balls from going out and offers protection.
We provide high quality professional grade golf drive range nettings that can be installed at any golf courses. Our drive range Nettings are guaranteed to stop the golf balls and in turn provide protection around the driving range.
GTFL offers a range of hockey nets widely accepted by many associations and clubs in Asian and European countries.
Our Ice Hockey Nets are manufactured from high Strength PES Knotless netting. The nets have been developed as per the International Standards widely accepted across the Globe.
GTFL provides soccer ball carry nets manufactured from HDPE.
Our ball carry nets are available in Orange, Deep Blue, White and Green Colours.
GTFL offers superior quality paddle nets that provide the best performance. It can be used for practice, regular matches and tournaments. It is customizable as per requirements and is also available in standard sizes.
We provide tennis windscreens that serve different functions such as offering privacy to the players, reducing visual and noise distractions and also reducing the impact of wind that may affect the game.
GTFL offers premium quality Basketball nets manufactured from high-quality nylon twine.
Our nets have been developed as per the international standards and are being used in many tournaments, clubs, schools and universities.
We offer high quality pickle ball nets that have superior performance. It can be used for practice, regular matches and tournaments. The net comes with high quality accessories that can be useful in good maintenance and easy handling.
GTFL provides tournament standard beach volleyball nets that are being used globally. They are weatherproof and UV coated for long life.
Ultra Plus is a high performance netting developed for baseball customers. It is manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene yarn along with specialized treatment. Its performance is comparable to Nylon with added features like better abrasion and higher resistance to UV.
GTFL offers a variety of Tournament and Economy range of Badminton Nets specially designed for Professionals. Our nets have been developed as per the international standards and are being used in tournaments, club matches, schools and colleges.
We offer high tenacity safety nets for hammer throwing. It can be easily installed to the cages/frames. It can be customized as per requirements.
GTFL offers superior quality nets for lacrosse games that can be used for the goals and backstops. It can be used in tournaments as well as for casual playground games.
GTFL provides Baseball Backstop netting in HDPE and Nylon. We also offer Plateena Netting which is made up of Dyneema yarn (the strongest synthetic fiber available).