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Shelter Fabrics

Introducing our Canopy Fabrics - the perfect solution for creating your own shaded outdoor spaces! These fabrics are not only easy to install, but also require minimal maintenance. Designed with eye-catching patterns, they are perfect for building patio covers, porch covers, and window screens.

Our Canopy Fabrics boast an impressive list of features, including 100% waterproofing, high UV resistance, wind stability, high wind resistance, and high tear resistance. They are also easily repairable and offer high abrasion resistance. Plus, they come in a wide range of colours and customized sizes to suit your specific needs. And unlike traditional HDPE tarpaulins, they are dustproof and have a lifespan that is three times longer!

Whether you need waterproofing, dustproofing, covering, or shelter, our Canopy Fabrics have got you covered. They are made with high grade PVC material and are available in a variety of colours including black, red, green, and more.
Introducing the Hi5 Pagoda from Garware, a high-quality temporary or permanent building solution that adds an aesthetic appeal to any event. Made with premium glossy fabric, this pagoda is easy to install and dismantle without the need for any additional support equipment.

The Hi5 Pagoda is built to withstand a range of weather conditions, with features including 100% waterproofing, high UV resistance, wind stability, and high tear resistance. It is also dustproof, easily repairable, and can be carried and installed with ease.

This product is versatile in its applications, making it perfect for use as a car shed, event pavilion, and much more. Available in a glossy white color with a PVC coating, the Hi5 Pagoda can be customized to fit any size requirement. Choose Garware Fibres for a premium, high-quality building solution.
Introducing the Garware Pandal Net, the perfect solution for providing strength, safety, and support for pandal tieing. Made with high tensile strength materials and built to last, this product is designed to provide uniform mesh size, easy knotting and un-knotting, and a long life. The Pandal Net is also UV stabilized, ensuring that it will withstand the test of time in all weather conditions. Our machine made and heat set nets are of the highest quality, and come in a vibrant green color that is sure to complement any pandal design. With sizes available as per requirement, the Garware Pandal Net is the perfect choice for all your pandal tieing needs. Choose Garware today and experience the difference that superior quality and performance can make.
Introducing our Pandal Fabrics, a colorful and waterproof heavy-duty structure designed to provide an artistic and open area roof solution. Made from high-grade PVC material, this fabric is engineered to provide exceptional durability and performance, making it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. With its 100% waterproof design, highly UV resistant properties, wind stability, high wind resistance, high tear resistance, and strong eyelets, this fabric is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Additionally, it is easily repairable and comes in a wide range of colors and customized sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking to create a vibrant and protected outdoor space for an event or need a reliable and durable covering for your goods, our Pandal Fabrics are the perfect choice
Introducing the GURU range of tent and hangar fabrics, engineered to provide superior stability and protection against various weather conditions. Made to customer specifications, our tent covers range from lightweight to heavy-duty and come accessorized with velcro, ropes, kedar, webbings, and other features at reasonable prices.

Our tent and hangar fabrics feature a range of benefits, including 100% waterproofing, high UV resistance, wind stability, high tear resistance, strong eyelets, and effortless repairability. With a wide range of colors and customized sizes available, you can choose the perfect option to fit your specific needs.

Designed for use in applications such as waterproofing, dustproofing, covering, and sheltering, our tent and hangsr fabrics are made from high-grade PVC materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. Choose GURU tent and hanger fabrics for superior protection and stability in even the harshest weather conditions.