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X2 Crab Rope

X2 Floating

Introducing our X2 ropes, specifically designed for crab fishing. These high-performance ropes are engineered to provide exceptional durability and longevity in the challenging conditions of crab fishing. With their advanced construction and specialized design, X2 ropes offer superior strength and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that they last longer and perform better than standard ropes. Choose X2 ropes for reliable and efficient crab fishing, and experience the difference that exceptional quality and innovation can make.


Good Abrasion Resistance
Highest strength to weight ratio
Easy in Coiling
Hard Lay


X2 Crab Rope(USA Market)-Floating
Dia(mm) Dia(inch) LD(g/m) BS(kgf)
10 3/8" 48 1100
11 7/16" 71 1700
12 1/2" 90 2565
14 9/16" 120 3425


X2 Crab Rope(Scotland Market)-Floating
Dia(mm) LD(g/m) BS(kgf)
10.5 53 1710
12.5 75 2470
14.5 108 3040
16.5 134 4370

Range of Applications

  • Floating / Sinking Crab Line


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