X12 V2 Lice Shield of Garware Technical Fibres

X12 V2 Lice Shield

Introducing X12 V2 Lice Shield - the ultimate solution for preventing sea lice from entering salmon aquaculture cages in Norway, Chile, Canada, Scotland, and Iceland. Our innovative specialty fabric acts as a non-pharmacological tool, providing an effective barrier against sea lice and larvae, while allowing water to flow freely as long as the fabric is kept clean.

With our V2 technology, fouling is delayed and cleaning frequency is reduced by 50%, saving you time and money. Our high-quality materials and specially engineered design make X12 V2 Lice Shield a reliable and cost-effective solution for sea lice prevention in your aquaculture operation.

Don't let sea lice damage your fish stock and profits. Invest in X12 V2 Lice Shield today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your aquaculture operation is protected.


High wet abrasion resistance
Maintains same levels of dissolved Oxygen
Easy to Clean


  • Fabric Type: Woven fabric 
  • Mass, GSM: 325 
  • Fabric thickness: minimum 0.45mm 
  • Breaking Strength, kgf/5cm: min 250 in WARP and min. 125 in WEFT 
  • Tearing Strength, kg: min 45 in WARP, min. 25 in WEFT 
  • Abrasion, % weight loss after 1000 cycles: 0.51% 
  • Pore size, Microns: 70 – 150 
  • Water Flow (time taken for 1 litre of water to pass through fabric): 14 seconds 
  • R&D Unit recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
    R&D Unit recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
  • ICRA 'AA' Rating
    ICRA’s ‘AA’ rating
  • ISO
    ISO 14001-2015 and 9001-2015 Certifications by BVC, UK


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