Insect Net Cage
Introducing our Insect Net Cage - the perfect solution for seed production programs in vegetable crops like capsicum, chilli, watermelon, muskmelon, and more. Made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material with a mesh size of 40, this cage provides a good microclimate inside to promote quality seed production.

Our Insect Net Cage ensures good aeration inside, allowing your crops to breathe and grow healthily. It comes in optimum sizes of 80'x120'x12', 100'x120'x12', and 100'x100'x12', making it easy to install and uninstall as per your convenience.

Our GIN3 Plus cages provide both physical and optical barriers for insect pests, reducing their visibility and preventing their entry into the cage. On the other hand, our GIN1 and GIN2 cages act as a physical barrier, providing complete protection to your crops.

Made with the best quality HDPE material, our Insect Net Cage is durable and long-lasting, ensuring optimum protection for your crops. Customization is available on demand to fit your specific needs. Say goodbye to insect infestation and hello to high-quality seed production with our Insect Net Cage!


Uniform Shade Factor
Improved aeration
Easy to maintain
Fast and Safe Installation
Creates Micro Climate inside
GIN1 and GIN2 Cages acts as physical barrier for insect pests
Provide good micro climate inside the cage
Gin 3 Plus Cages provide physical and optical barriers for insect pests


  • Material: HDPE  
  • Insect net Mesh size: 40  
  • Std. Cage Size: 80’x120’x12’, 100’x120’x12’, 100’x100’x12’ 
  • Customization: Available on demand 
  • R&D Unit recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
    R&D Unit recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India
  • ISO
    ISO 14001-2015 and 9001-2015 Certifications by BVC, UK
  • ICRA 'AA' Rating
    ICRA’s ‘AA’ rating


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