shade Nets of Garware Technical Fibres

Shade Nets Solutions

GTFL Shade Nets are an ideal solution for creating optimal growing conditions for your crops while protecting them from extreme weather conditions. Made from high-quality virgin HDPE material and produced with strict adherence to quality standards, these shade nets provide uniform shade and high strength to ensure longevity and durability.

Our shade nets are suitable for use in shade houses, nurseries, and shade structures. By regulating sunlight, temperature, and humidity, these nets help to create an environment that fosters healthy plant growth. Additionally, they can reduce evaporation and minimize damage from wind, hail, frost, mist, and rain. They also keep out birds that may damage your plants.

Our HDPE monofilament shade nets come in a variety of types, including Mono X Mono, with shade factors ranging from 35% to 75% and GSM from 90 to 300. We offer customization options to meet your specific requirements. The nets are available in white, black, or green and are UV stabilized to ensure long-lasting use.
Introducing the V5 Shade Net - the revolutionary shade net designed and patented by Garware to help you achieve optimal crop growth and yield. Our shade net is made with superior quality yarn, knitted using advanced machines to ensure maximum strength and durability.

The V5 Shade Net is ideal for both commercial crop cultivation and nursery applications, providing a uniform shade factor across the entire shade house. With the ability to control sunlight, temperature, and humidity, our shade net helps to reduce the coefficient of variation in temperature and humidity, resulting in uniform growth, higher yield, and better quality fruit.

Our shade net is made from HDPE V5 monofilament in a mono X mono type, available in three different shade factors of 30%, 50%, and 70%. The length of the net can be customized to meet your specific requirements, while the width can be made without joint up to 6.2 meters or with joint in any width.

Choose from three different colors - white, black, or green - and rest assured that our shade net is UV stabilized for long-lasting use. In addition to our V5 Shade Net, we also offer a range of related products, including knitted monofilament and V5 woven shade.

Invest in the V5 Shade Net today and experience the benefits of uniform growth, higher yield, and better quality fruit, all while reducing variation in temperature and humidity.