Staking Cord

Looking for a reliable solution to provide staking support for your fruits and vegetables crops? Look no further than Staking Cord! Our durable cord helps maintain proper air ventilation and sunlight for your plants, leading to healthy fruits and vegetables and rapid picking and collection.

With its good knot ability, lightweight design, and easy handling, Staking Cord is the ideal choice for farmers looking for a practical and cost-effective solution. It's also rust-free, UV-stabilized, and durable, making it a long-lasting investment that will help you maximize your crop yield.

Available in a range of diameters, from 1.5mm to 3.5mm, and with runnage of 75 to 185 meters per kilogram, Staking Cord can be customized to fit your specific needs. And with a sleek black color and standard packing of 10 kg bobbin, it's as stylish as it is practical. Choose Staking Cord for all your staking needs!