Safety Net of Garware Technical Fibres

Safety Nets

We manufacture safety nets for use on construction/infrastructure projects.
They serve a dual purpose - arrest fall of personnel working at height on construction projects, and at the same time prevent debris or any other object from falling from a height.
a) Triple Layered Safety Nets - Fall Arrest and Debris Arrest
b) PPMF Knotless Safety Nets - Human Fall Arrest
c) Safety net with containment nets - Debris Arrest
d) Nylon Knotted Safety Nets - Various Safety Applications
GTFL provides high quality balcony netting that can be used as protection nets. It is UV treated to make it highly durable.
To ensure safety for Skiers and prevent hazardous accidents, GTFL offers a range of Ski Nets.
We offer high quality Gangway netting that provides superior safety and protection. It is firm and impact resistant.