Smolt & Grow Out Cages

STAR nets offer exceptional performance as smolt and grow-out cage solutions, thanks to their specialized polyolefin fiber construction. Unlike traditional nets, they do not absorb water, which means they retain their strength over a longer period of time and maintain their shape and form. This results in less drag and better water flow, creating a healthier environment for the fish in the cage. The nets are highly durable and long-lasting, with high wet abrasion and cut resistance. They also have a lower carbon footprint and are recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, the water-repellent nature of the STAR nets further enhances their performance as a superior aquaculture netting solution.
Plateena Neo netting is the ideal solution for those who need high-strength netting that is easy to handle and lightweight. Made from UHMwPE fibers, Plateena Neo netting is designed to provide exceptional strength and durability without adding excess weight or volume. With Plateena Neo, you can get the job done faster and more efficiently, without compromising on performance or reliability.
Sapphire Ultracore MBX is a top-of-the-line braided netting designed to provide superior protection against predators. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and copolymers, this netting incorporates marine grade SS wire in the core to ensure that the fish are not harmed. The material is hydrophobic, making it resistant to water absorption and allowing it to retain its strength over time.

This netting has a low impact on fish stress and is effective at keeping predators out. With its high abrasion resistance and low drag, it is an excellent choice for aquaculture operations. Sapphire Ultracore MBX is also suitable for in-situ cleaning and washing, and is available in V2 technology for in-situ cleaning strategy and V4 technology for antifouling strategy. Choose Sapphire Ultracore MBX for unmatched protection and performance in fish farming.