Smolt & Grow Out Cages

Breamsafe nets are made of specialized polyolefin fibre. These nets do not absorb water and thus retain strength over a long period of time.
Sapphire Ultracore MBX is a top-of-the-line braided netting designed to provide superior protection against predators. Made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and copolymers, this netting incorporates marine grade SS wire in the core to ensure that the fish are not harmed. The material is hydrophobic, making it resistant to water absorption and allowing it to retain its strength over time.

This netting has a low impact on fish stress and is effective at keeping predators out. With its high abrasion resistance and low drag, it is an excellent choice for aquaculture operations. Sapphire Ultracore MBX is also suitable for in-situ cleaning and washing, and is available in V2 technology for in-situ cleaning strategy and V4 technology for antifouling strategy. Choose Sapphire Ultracore MBX for unmatched protection and performance in fish farming.
Garware's V4 Technology is an innovative solution for the aquaculture industry. HDPE nets have become increasingly popular due to their properties, but their hydrophobic nature prevents them from being painted with antifouling coatings, unlike Nylon nets. However, with Garware's V4 treatment (patent pending), HDPE nets can now be coated with antifouling paint, offering improved antifouling capabilities. The V4 Technology provides an advanced material for environmentally friendly farming, and is chemically inert.
Introducing the V2 Technology, a groundbreaking solution in the fish farming industry. Our HDPE nets with built-in antifouling technology are made from V2 composite fibers and are the first sustainable antifouling technology with significantly reduced copper emissions as compared to antifouled painted nets. With V2 Technology, you can experience up to 50% reduction in cleaning costs compared to conventional non-antifouled nets, ensuring better fish health. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent cleanings and hello to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Choose V2 Technology for delayed fouling, a positive impact on the environment, and copper-infused netting.
Our conventional nylon netting for smolt and growout cages is designed to meet the specific breaking strength requirements of our customers. It is available in various regions including Norway, Scotland, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Our high-quality nylon nets are a reliable solution for aquaculture farming, ensuring the safety and well-being of your fish.