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V2 Technology

V2 is a patented technology of Garware. V2 yarns have a permanent anti fouling built into them, thereby reducing the biofouling operational costs in cage nets, ropes and lice shields.

Garware Technical Fibres is an internationally renowned company acknowledged for its innovative application focused solutions and products for the global aquaculture industry.

Garware's solutions and products for the salmon aquaculture industry include a variety of cage nets, predator systems, lice shields and mooring ropes.

With innovation as its core, Garware Technical Fibres has files over 43 patents worldwide and a value based approach that ensures execution of these innovations for significant benefits to customers.

Viking Plus Cage Nets

VIKING PLUS Knotless Netting has a unique combination of fibres which allows the net to sink in water like nylon. VIKING PLUS, with it stiff netting and improved abrasion and cut resistance properties, offers better volume retention when compared to conventional nylon knotless netting

Unique Features

  • Virtual zero shrinkage during usage
  • No loss of strength in water
  • Very good abrasion resistance
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durable and long lasting against machine washing

Sapphire Excel Plus Cage Nets

SAPPHIRE EXCEL PLUS is designed with a compact braided round twine, offering better water flow and less algae adhesion. SAPPHIRE EXCEL PLUS has better volume retention, less drag on mooring systems and facilitates a better water flow through the cage netting, the offering better oxygenation to fish.

Unique Features

  • Minimal loss of strength after usage
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Better volume retention
  • Easy to handle & clean
  • Ideal for in-situ cleaning

X12 Lice Shields

Fish farms experience outbreaks of Sea Lice making the fish unmarketable or reduce its value. Alleviating the problem with chemical treatments cause mortality, damages the marine exo-system and makes lice more resistant to the treatments.

Non-pharmaceutical methods are continually being developed and improved for an eco-friendly alternative to control the lice problem.

Garware Technical Fibres Limited, offers a non- pharmaceutical Lice control method, X12 Lice Shields, a patented product, to effectively manage the Lice problems without causing any negative impact on the environment. X12 Lice Shield offers blocking of sea lice while allowing a healthy water exchange thereby not affecting the dissolved oxygen inside the cage.

This patented X12 material is a robust and porous fabric which forms a barrier and not only blocks lice but can also block other microscopic species that may catty bacteria and viruses.

For best performance and minimizing bath treatments, deeper lice shields(~10m) is recommended.

Unique Features

  • Block all stages of Sea Lice
  • Better abrasion resistance as compared to regular polyester fabric
  • Better Water Flow (Up to 80 times higher water flow as compared to regular polyester fabric)

X2 Aqua Mooring Ropes

Made from blended polymers and special processing techniques, X2 ropes are designed with special care to deliver unmatched performance beyond strenght. X2 premium range of ropes not only guarantee customer satisfaction but also have created benchmarks in the mooring rope segment.

Unique Features

  • High fatigues resistance
  • Low elongation
  • Higher strength to weight ratio
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